K-Love Challenge

Last month, without even realizing it at first, I participated in and completed the K-Love Challenge.

For those of you who have never heard of K-Love, allow me to enlighten you: It’s a popular contemporary Christian music station, and one of the only Christian stations on the radio in my area. They claim that they play “positive & encouraging music” all day, and that their 30-day challenge of listening nonstop will make a tremendous difference in your attitude and life.

In the past, I’ve always hesitated to listen to K-Love. I know that sounds bad coming from a Christian, but sometimes their music is simply annoying. Sometimes I don’t feel like listening to a “old-school” song I’ve sung for years in church, or listening to certain other songs that just annoy me instead of allow me to worship. My radio has always been set to classical music, oldies, and classic rock stations, and occasionally I’ll scan the stations for other upbeat tunes. So I’ll admit I’ve had somewhat of an attitude problem towards the popular Christian music station.

Challenge: On January 1st I changed all the preset buttons in my car to 106.7FM K-Love, a station they hadn’t been set to in a very long time. I wanted to try their 30-day challenge, hoping it would change my heart towards Christian music on the radio, and change my attitude as I spent time listening, singing, and worshiping.

Honestly, the challenge wasn’t as much of a challenge as I was expecting! I enjoyed listening, even when they had their constant commercials about “try our 30-day challenge!”  If there was a song I didn’t particularly care for, I would turn off the radio and spend that time singing a favorite song or talking out loud to God, which is seriously a good way to keep conversation with Him going all day long. My car radio stayed on 106.7 nearly the entire month! (with the exception of listening to talk radio a few times)

At work, instead of listening to random Pandora stations (Carlos Vives Radio, Delta Rae Radio, or Latin Workout Radio), I’ve got it playing “Hillsong Global Project” all the time. The station plays English & Spanish worship songs and I have tried to contain myself, but sometimes I can’t help but hum along to the songs!

Confession: The only times I didn’t listen to Christian music were at Zumba class, and once when I was cleaning my room… I wanted something upbeat so I listened to Justin Timberlake Radio :)

Result: I feel like my attitude has changed a lot because of the 30-day K-Love Christian music challenge! Instead of having some secular song stuck in my head, I’ve got worship songs stuck in there, and I’m loving it. In addition to the music making a difference, my time with the Lord has been so fulfilling, and I can’t help but want to worship Him every moment of every day.

As my old youth pastor used to say, “garbage in, garbage out” … what you listen to does affect your attitude and your life even if you don’t realize it. And what you listen to says a lot about who you are as a person and what your priorities are.

I’m so glad I took the 30-day challenge, and will continue to listen to Christian music, with the occasional Latin music thrown in the mix 😉

Have you ever taken any kind of 30-day challenge?

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  1. says

    Now here’s another challenge: As someone who works at a station that depends on pledge drives, and considering you’re now a regular listener to that station, will you contribute a pledge during pledge drive time?

    • admin says

      Hmm, interesting question! At this point in life, I’m trying to save more than I spend (darn student loans), and give to my church, but if I had a little extra income I would definitely contribute a pledge during their pledge drive. I do support what they do and their mission to spread the love of Christ through worship music, and that’s something I would support financially, given the opportunity. (And then there’s also playing the Devil’s Advocate that “God will always provide what you need monetarily, so give more to reach others!”) I think this can be an iffy subject for some people, in that they listen and love it, but don’t want to support it or see it expand and stay on the air. But I hadn’t really thought about it before in my own position and point of view. Hopefully in the future I will be able to pledge to support KLove! Have you found it difficult to gain pledges during pledge drives?

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